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Image by Jacob Buchhave

Aerial Imagery

Hutch Digital is a commercially certified and insured Drone Pilot.

We use the DJI Mavic 3 which allows us to video in 4k up to 60fps



Two Sony A7siii cameras allow Hutch Digital

to shoot your videos at 4K up to120 fps at 10 bit color depth allowing for the smoothest, sharpest, and best looking image.

Image by Vladislav Smigelski

Specialty Gear

Hutch Digital takes pride in offering capabilities that any shoot may require, starting with the Ronin S3 Pro.

The Ronin allows for those amazing tracking shots all while maintaining a stable shot, bringing your production to the next level.

Need a smooth slider shot, or a time lapse with movement, we've got that covered too.

Using the Rhino EVO motorized Slider, Hutch Digital can achieve time-lapses with motion, or can get that perfect dolly or slider shot without any inconsistencies allowing for slow movement and special effects if necessary.


Hutch Digital has all the lighting you need for lower budget shoots. All our lights are LED and have the capability to be battery powered for remote shoots where wired power may not be accessible. LEDs are bright and dimmable, giving us ultimate control on set.

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